Events in Tulsa this Weekend

It looks to be a bit chilly this weekend, as my family heads out in search of adventure in the heartland. Here are some of the events/activities we are considering:

The Tulsa Zoo: a great choice as long as it is not freezing outside!

Oklahoma Aquarium: Has the largest collection of bull sharks in the U.S. (Or maybe second largest). The walk through tank and the large variety of marine life make it a worthwhile visit. Your best bet is to get a membership, saves a bundle of money.

Hiking at one of the local free trails. Redbud Park (very rocky and hilly) and Oxley (can be accessed with a stroller on the main paths), are peaceful and you have a good chance of spotting wildlife this time of year.

Hmmmm, let’s see…I wanted to try some of the Thai food available at the new Pho restaurant in Broken Arrow, I have heard it is very good and fresh. I wonder what my daughter would think of that idea!

So, some fresh spring air and some tasty new foods. Sounds like a good plan.