City of Old and New- Intro to Amman

Practical Happyness

12 Aug 2014 Title
…Continued from previous post here.

We arrived in Amman at 2 in the morning, and were rushed through customs because our dogs were barking and scaring all of the locals.  Jordan is a very accommodating country, but they are predominantly Muslim, and in Muslim culture, dogs are dirty and to be avoided, and as such they are very much feared.

That being said, one of the country’s celebrities, a fashion model, stirred up quite a storm with her photo shoot exposing tattoos and cuddling her black lab!  Our neighborhood gendarmerie often take cigarette breaks on our front wall, and they are always telling me how beautiful our dogs are.  The little girl next door asked me, “How do we get them to like us?”  There is a very progressive undercurrent here, carried by the free-loving hipster youth.  Walk any day along Rainbow Street, and you’ll be reminded of any main…

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