A Square Peg in a God Shaped Hole

Another well written post! We all have our strengths and weaknesses, it is sad that so so many children nowadays are labeled because they learn differently or struggle in some areas. My daughter also has a very difficult time with spelling. She is now 11 and still makes the same errors over and over. I am fortunate she goes to a small Montessori school where learning is looked at differently than in the public school system. They look at the whole person! I also say thank you to spell check!

Building Standing Stones

Shining sun in a wooden heart frame

The sharp words that flew from my lips struck their mark with deadly accuracy. My young son looked up at me, tortured eyes looking much older than his tender years. We were working through yet another language arts program and it was not sticking any more than the myriad of others we had tried.

At 12, he exhibited all of the signs of being mildly dyslexic. We had gone through our local school district for testing four years prior. They subjected him to a variety of tests, observed him, and told me he was ‘fine’. A kid who, at 8 years old, could not spell the word ‘by’ after a week of study was fine? Harumph.

I politely thanked the experts and continued my own research. I figured that if it looked, walked, and quacked like a duck it likely was. So I spent the next four years trying…

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