New Years Thoughts from a Frazzled Mom


As the new year approaches, I feel that I am blessed in many ways: my wonderful children, a meaningful job as a nurse, our health!  I wake up every morning to a new day, where I can do what I need to do without too many aches and pains. We have a roof over our heads in a clean, albeit small, home. However there is a lot of debt from a variety of things like schooling, old divorce costs from 10 years ago and medical bills that keep me from getting ahead. It is frustrating. I really can’t work too many more hours a week (a job as a trauma nurse is very exhausting, yet rewarding). I already work more than 40 hours every week.  My time with my children is precious and can never be replaced. I would love, love a job where I can have more flexibility to work from home. I worked very hard for my nursing job, and love that I can make a difference in people’s lives, but it is very hard to work around the long hours when you are a single mom. So I continue to plod along, trying to find a solution, praying that my body can hold out long enough to get ahead.

So my goals for the new year:

1) Keep a closer track of my finances

2) Eat home more

3) Put money aside weekly to save for emergencies

4) Put aside a separate fund for fun stuff, like travel!!

5) Remember to treasure the little things

6) Stay home more and just enjoy family time

7) Work on my writing and blogging more.

8) Save for a better phone and or camera so I my daughter and I can make better quality You Tube videos, which is something we both enjoy.

So what are your goals for the new year? I would love you to share in the comments section. Happy New Year!


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