New Years Eve Traditions

Festival of trees december 2014 need to print 047

While I worked on New Years Eve, and was asleep by the time the clock struck twelve (I know, I know, what a dull night!), I was reading about some of the interesting traditions carried on in various countries around the world. I discovered that making new years resolutions was most likely started by the Babylonians who made promises in order to honor their gods and to pray for their favor for a good upcoming year. In the Netherlands, Mexico and Greece, circular shaped cakes are baked, a sign that the earth has come full circle. In the southern United States, people eat beans known as black eyed peas, which are said to symbolize money. People eat them in the hope for monetary success in the upcoming year. In my neighborhood, revelers set off fireworks in the neighborhood. However you celebrate, I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve!


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