Grateful for Work

Sweet Gratitude

Sweet Gratitude!

I am grateful for work. Of course my work as a nurse, that allows me to put a roof over our heads and food on the table. It is work that can lift a person’s spirits and assist them in getting well. That is the most obvious work. There is also the work of mothering. My work of mothering has been a work in progress for almost 30 years now. It is by far my most challenging work but the most rewarding. I am grateful for the work of everyday chores; simple and often mundane, that keep me grounded. The work of living, that continues on until it is our time to leave this earthly existence, always forcing us to change and grow with it. As I move into the end of this week, I am grateful for the many kinds of work that enrich my life.

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4 thoughts on “Grateful for Work

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  2. Work–at least good work; work that does something worthwhile–is probably the truest thing we do; the thing that makes us most who we are. That gets lost so easily in all the work that isn’t worthwhile, as well as the distractions from that work. Thanks for the reminder.

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