Caring for Children In Our Nation’s Schools Is About A Lot More Than Just Proper Socialization And Test Scores

Thank you The Fearless Homeschool for this article. I can’t agree more with your statement that, “Schools and teachers are often driven by sweeping gestures and grand statements that have no relevance to the needs of individual children and families. They place academic, cultural, and behavioral ultimatums on every student, no matter how unnecessary or inappropriate for any specific child at any given time”. I homeschooled for many years, although my youngest is a unique small private school, and the other children have been in public school, private school and co-ops. As parents we can never assume that the one-size-fits-all education will benefit our children. We also need to take action if our children are suffering in school. Traditional school is not always the best option. In my experience, I would stay as far away from it as I could!

the fearless homeschool

Recently I was at a small holiday party when a longtime friend of mine, a teacher at a public high school, made a statement that turned every head in the room.

Towards me.

My friend said, “I really feel no child should be homeschooled in high school. All kids should go to high school because all kids need to get used to being around different kinds of people.”

Since everyone in the room knew I homeschool my children through their high school years, they all looked at me to see what my response would be. I guess they thought there might be an argument.

There wasn’t.

I simply said we would agree to disagree. And the holiday festivities continued.

But, of course, I have not forgotten the remark. It rankled. And not just because it seemed to be an attack on the choices I’ve made. The remark illustrated much of…

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One thought on “Caring for Children In Our Nation’s Schools Is About A Lot More Than Just Proper Socialization And Test Scores

  1. I wanted to home school my youngest because her outgoing personality just didnt fit in with the rigid traditionalism of the school. Unfortunately as a single parent and back at school myself, I couldnt afford the costs and time I would need to put in.

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