Visiting the Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum

zoo january 2015 022
This adorable sign seems to be a replica of one you would find in South Africa. It was set up outside of the penguin exhibit at the Tulsa Zoo. The Tulsa Zoo is a sprawling complex with a large variety of animals.  Be sure you have on comfortable walking shoes! The exhibits include the “Walk on the Wild Side”, which are four buildings which explore the biodiversity of he North American continent. There is also the Amazon Rain Forest, the Conservation Building with primates and birds and the Chimpanzee Connection. The outdoor exhibits, for the most part, give the animals room to roam and attempt to replicate their natural environment. These include the African grasslands (rhinos, African wild dogs, giraffes), a penguin exhibit and the Sea Lion Encounter. The zoo also features an African lion, a tiger, grizzly and black bears and many more wonderful exhibits. There is also a children’s zoo and multiple areas to eat. The kids will love the train and the carousel. The zoo offers a reasonable membership which easily pays for itself within several visits. This is definitely worth the visit if you are in the area.

zoo january 2015 036

zoo january 2015 007

I think someone though they should autograph the bamboo trees by the elephant exhibit.

zoo january 2015 030

Just enjoying the sunshine.

zoo january 2015 023

Watch out for crossing penguins! In truth, they were safe and secure behind glass.

zoo january 2015 042

A ticket to ride.

zoo january 2015 001

The welcoming entrance to the zoo.


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