The Temple at the Top of the Hill (Shangri-La)

The pics of the young monks with the toy gun does surprise me. I would think that behavior would be frowned upon. I have a lot to learn!

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From a distance the temple on top of the hill looks like a vision of Shangri-La.

A View of Shangri-La Just Beyond the Pampas GrassesMr. Win herded us through the market and then we followed some village women up the many stairs that lead up to the fantasy on the hill.
Going Up to the the Temple on the Hill (Shangri-la), Inle Lake, MyanmarUp close it looked older, and more run-down.
The Temple on the Hill (Shangri-la), Inle Lake, MyanmarThe workmanship was still beautiful though.
The Temple on the Hill (Shangri-la), Inle Lake, MyanmarSome hill tribe women just up from the market waited for their men to arrive before the group headed off up a trail.The Temple on the Hill (Shangri-la), Inle Lake, MyanmarBy now it was approaching the hottest part of the day, when most Burmese seek shelter in the shade.Boys Resting in the Shade in the Temple up on the Hill Above Inle LakeThis little boy monk had some electronic game that he was playing.
A Child Monk Playing an Electronic Game at the Village at the End of Inle Lake, MyanmarThese young monks were relaxing in the monastery, one of them clutching a toy gun.
Little Monks Playing with Gun in the TempleOther child monks ran about pretending to shoot each other with toy guns.

I was shocked at this sacrilegious behavior but when I voiced my surprise out loud, Mr. Win said simply, “but…

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