Extinct is Forever: Why We Need to Save #JustOneRhino

I wanted to share this important post. Thank you for your informative article. Here in the Oklahoma we have a large bison herd which is protected in a large preserved area of grasslands. The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to increase the almost extinct bison population has been very successful. I realize it is a very different situation in Africa. Thank you for your efforts to increase awareness.

These Vagabond Shoes.

I saw a rhino the other week. Out on training walk for the TGO Challenge, I took a footpath that led me along the edge of the nearby safari park, letting me look through the heavy security fence, and watch as it trundled over the plains of Bedfordshire.

It was a white rhino. Although it wasn’t remotely white; rather a dark grey. Not even the pale sort of grey, the grey that you might be able to call off-white in the wrong light. Just plain dark grey. Its name actually comes from a mistranslation of the Afrikaans for wide, referring to the animal’s mouth, which is wider than that of the black rhino. Incidentally, the black rhino is also dark grey in colour, although they just happen to be very slightly darker shades of grey than the white rhino.

Photo credit: Susan Portenoy, The Insatiable Traveller Photo credit: Susan Portenoy, The Insatiable Traveller

If it…

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