Mexican Food Name Winners – Knowing a Tortilla from a Tamale

I am getting hungry!

Travel Tales of Life

The Mexican Food Name game proved once again either my readers are starving or I should throw photos of food in posts more often. There has not been so much action since the mobs were stampeding over us in Pompeii. Thank you for the great response to the matching game of Mexican culinary delights.

However I refuse to start a food blog. Just saying.

Below you will find the same photos with the name of the dish below. Grab your napkins you salivating bunch and see how you did. The winners are listed following the photos.

Mexican Food Photos

Mexican Food 1#1 Tacos Dorados con Papa

Mexican Food #2#2 Ribeye Maitre d’ Hotel

Mexican Food #3#3 Tostadas de Birria

Mexican Food #4#4 Camarones Coco con Tequila

Mexican Food #5#5 Tostadas de ceviche Colima

Mexican Food #6#6 Robalo al Mango

Mexican Food #7#7 Tostadas de Costilla de Cerdo en Sals Rojo

Mexican food #8#8 Mole poblano

Mexican Food #9#9 Chicharron (You can never have too much deep fried…

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