Pet Store “Educational” Trip

I don’t know if a trip to the pet store can be considered “educational” for my daughter and grandson, but at the very least it was entertaining. The store we went to had a large variety of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles. The little grandson liked the ferrets the best, as they were very interactive. My daughter loved the model figures better than the live animals! Oh well, you can’t predict what will catch their interest. The staff was also very informative, and told us a lot about the animals were were observing. I find that if you go at a quiet time, when the staff is not busy, they are more likely to engage in spontaneous conversation about the pets for sale. We learned a lot about the snakes and frogs they had on display (although mom here will not be purchasing any of those creatures!). What do you think? Have you used the free resources at your local pet store? I homeschooled for years and with proper planning, the local pet store can be very informative for children (and adults), and just a fun, free activity to do when it is cold outside. As an added plus, this store allowed people to brings their dogs into the store to the total delight of my grandson.


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