The CULT of Mental Health

The majority of the patients I work with (I am an RN) list their history as having some type of anxiety disorder or depression! Are we as a nation really that stressed out? I would also say that about 75% of the patients I have also take some type of medication for their “disorders”. Granted, some of these people really do need these medications, or have genuine schizophrenia or PTSD. However, it just seems like it is the majority. Good article, I will look forward to your posts.

Culture Monk


by Kenneth Justice

~ In 1974 the American Psychological Association reversed its position on same sex attraction; what they previously defined as a mental disorder (some manuscripts even listed it as a ‘perversion’) they now stated was nothing more than a natural element of life. Prior to the APA’s reversal, if a person were to go to a therapist or psychologist and mention same sex attraction there was a good chance they would be told they had a mental disorder, and in some cases even be admitted into a psychiatric ward.

Psychologists and the APA have a long standing tradition of poorly diagnosing the public, from viewing women as a second class gender and suffering from penis envy, to throwing thousands of people in psychiatric wards throughout the 20th century and treating them worse than laboratory rats.

In the last 20 years we’e seen a massive increase in the number…

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