Big Hero 6, Nursing and Engineering??

How would you rate your pain? What does Big Hero 6 have to do with Nursing and Engineering? When I first saw the movie with my daughter a few weeks ago, I was expecting the same generic story line which it seems are in a lot of kids movies lately. I was in for a pleasant surprise. I am a nurse, and every day, I have to ask people what their pain level is. When the cute marshmallow man Bay Max starts doing the same thing, I thought I was going to loose it laughing!! How can you not love him as a health care companion? As for engineering, the plastic-looking suit that Hiro makes for Bay Max is created using a similar machine to one my daughter and I tried out last year at an engineering lab. So cool! Congrats to the creators of this adorable movie!

Where we live the local engineering club has a lab that can be used for a yearly fee. Interested parties can also try out the lab for free for a day. We decided to give it a try, and got to try out the Maker Bot, which is a smaller version of the machine Hiro used to create Bay Max’s first suit. The designer uses a computer to create a basic design, then transfers the information to the Maker Bot. The 3-Dimensional design is created layer by layer. My daughter chose to make a “W” (the first letter for Webkinz!). It is amazing what it can do. Although we could not join the club at the time, the members were very helpful, and gave use a lot of information about all the different machines they had available for use. Definitely worth going for the day.

Maker Bot, so cool!


2 thoughts on “Big Hero 6, Nursing and Engineering??

  1. Nursing and engineering – being an engineer and having a husband that is a nurse this post obviously got me curious:) As we don’t have any kids yet I haven’t had about Big Hero before, but maybe I’ll have to check out the movie anyways. I did watch the Lego Movie so I do catch some of the kiddo stuff… 🙂

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