Engineering Challenge

Engineering Challenge 035

Do your kids have an interest in engineering? Engineering is a complex field with a lot of career options. The middle school children in my daughter’s school participated in an engineering challenge in which they entered a variety of competitions. The categories were a penny boat challenge, a paper airplane competition, a math competition,  “Wacky Wonder Works”, the ping pong ball launcher, a toothpick bridge challenge, a robot competition and a graphic design challenge. Last year my daughter entered the ping pong launcher contest and this year she did the graphic design contest. The theme was “Engineering New Horizons”. Our school has quite a few winners, so proud of them! This is an annual event here in Tulsa and quite a few of the public and private schools participate. It was a huge turnout. There were also displays from colleges and technical schools. The competitions really encourage the kids to stretch their creativity and technical skills. Engineering Challenge 005 aluminum boat

Engineering Challenge 017

Engineering Challenge 030 bridgesEngineering Challenge 010 alumimum


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