Godspell provides a new take on the parables of Jesus.


Godspell in Tulsa. Source:  http://tulsapac.com/events.asp?id=92&eventid=3112&task=display

When I purchased tickets for my 11 year old and I to see Godspell, I was not quite sure what to expect. I am ashamed to admit that the only other theater production I have ever seen was Peter Pan. I was thinking Godspell was something like a 1960’s version of the book of Matthew. I was pleasantly surprised! The story line was fresh and new, using recent cultural and pop references and modern scenery to set the stage. Jesus was wearing a Superman shirt, and the other characters were just as creative. A lot of the  play quoted directly from the parables of Matthew and really conveyed Jesus’ teachings without being preachy. I was concerned about how the Crucifixion would be portrayed, but it was tastefully done, dramatic and sad, without playing up the violent aspects. I was amazed at the talented actors and actresses who played the parts, who each played quite a few roles. Godspell was funny and meaningful, a great family show for children about 10 and older. Younger children who could sit still may enjoy the music, but the meaning of the speaking parts would be difficult for them to understand. It also provided a stepping off point to talk about Jesus’ teachings. The lessons taught in this play provide some great life lessons!


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