Spring Surprise!

March and April 2015 NEED TO PRINT 015

While I was feeling sorry for myself that I had to work on Easter, I was given a wonderful surprise that morning when I opened my front door. The little finches (at least that is what I think they are) built a nest right on top of our front door wreath. There are four little blue eggs, speckled with brown. I thought they were bluebirds, but I saw the “dad” and he has a light red breast. I am fairly good at identifying the more common birds, but these little finches seem new to our yard. The mother sits on her nest dutifully, except when we open the front door, which we try to do with caution. Yesterday, the mommy bird flew into our house, instead of into the front yard when the door opened! We were unsure how to get her back outside, as she flew around the kitchen. We left the front door open and fortunately, she was able to find her way back out within a few minutes. It has been about a week or so now, and I am wondering how long they take to hatch. We are excited to see the little babies. Our front door has a window right on to the nest! Happy Spring!

March and April 2015 NEED TO PRINT 014
March and April 2015 NEED TO PRINT 016


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