My Deschooling Journey

A great post about trusting yourself and your child!

Learning for life

It has been eight months since my 11 year old daughter, hereafter named Faith, left primary school at the end of Year 6 and we embarked on our deschooling journey towards an unschooling, or life learning, life. Here is my deschooling journey in writing.

I have deliberately (and reluctantly, because there is a lot to say) left out details about Faith herself and what she has been doing and her own deschooling journey, to respect her privacy – this article is purely about myself and my own thought processes.

I have included links to relevant articles, blog posts, books or videos at the bottom of each section, and at the very end a list of further links. I fully recommend, especially if you are embarking on your own deschooling journey, that you check them all out. They all put into far better words than I the concepts I’ve tried to…

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