Teeny Tiny House

Tiny house 019

The sign read, “Tulsa’s First Tiny House”, how could I resist. I have been reading and watching videos about the tiny house movement for over a year now, and I was dying to step inside one for myself. The tiny house movement focuses on sustainability and living simply. I have down sized significantly over the last few years, partly out of needing to fit into a smaller space due to finances, and have learned to let go of a things I really didn’t need. I find that my 2 children and I live quiet comfortably in an 800 square foot house. Would the tiny home be a good solution when my oldest, who is 19 moves out? The home was built by a local company that also builds sheds. The home I viewed was fully furnished, and solidly made of wood. It smelled wonderful! There was a lot of cabinets and storage spaces. The home featured a living room, kitchen, loft and a downstairs bedroom, a full size bathroom (no tub, just shower), and a large storage closet. I loved the living room’s gas fireplace and the screened in porch. The cost was about 60,000, which seemed a bit high, but it did have a lot of added features. I am not sure of the square footage, but it looked under 400 square feet, not counting the porch. Of course you would have to put in on rural land, use it as a mother in law type house in a yard or maybe in a trailer park. The zoning laws for this type of dwelling are still unclear in a lot of states. I plan on visiting with more questions soon.

Tiny house 017

Tiny house 021 


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