Nurses Week Resolutions

Good thoughts on nurses week! At least we got free food!

Amanda J. Anderson

“What is it to feel a calling for any thing? Is it not to do your work in it to satisfy your own high idea of what is the right, the best, and not because you will be ‘found out’ if you don’t do it? This is the ‘enthusiasm’ which every one, from a shoemaker to a sculptor, must have, in order to follow his ‘calling’ properly. Now the nurse has to do, not with shoes, or with chisel and marble, but with human beings; and if she, for her own satisfaction, does not look after her patients, no telling will make her capable of doing so.”

                              -Florence Nightingale, What is a Nurse?”

coxcomb Photo by Ryan Kuonen, via Flickr Creative Commons.

This year, it’s been difficult for me to write about Nurses…

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