The One Arm Bandit

I have lived in Oklahoma for 28 years, and have traveled many back roads, but I have never run into this fellow! It is so much fun finding impromptu adventures, isn’t it?

Rural Roads Photography

As the hungry teenager and I drove into Shidler, Oklahoma, I noticed a large sign painted on the side of a building.  A pile of neatly stacked rocks with a metal sign coming out the top sat in the middle of an empty lot next to the building.  I was instantly intrigued so I pulled the car over to the side of the street.  I got out and took a couple of photos.  A cowboy pulling a horse trailer whipped into the old gas station across the street.  “Hey, lady,” he hollered at me.  “He’ll be up here in a couple of minutes.”  I looked at him with what I’m sure was a “what the hell” expression on my face.  “Who?”  I hollered back.  “The One Arm Bandit,” the cowboy said excitedly.  “He’ll let you take his picture.”  I smiled.  “Well, all right.”  The teenager rolled her eyes.

I walked across the…

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