Watching “Hoarding, Buried Alive”


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I have been watching YouTube videos of the series “Hoarding, Buried Alive”. It showed up as one of my suggested videos, not sure why. I found it a bit disturbing, but it caught my attention, especially since one of the stories hit close to home. When my daughter was in her teens, she struggled with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and one of the manifestations was that she hoarded items in her room. She had piles of old toys, clothes and collectible items all over the floor. If I even tried to move one thing, she would know, and freak out. It was something she did overcome, but it was a struggle. Now she is a healthy young lady in her older 20’s and a wonderful mom. The only thing left of the old OCD behavior is her need for cleanliness, which is ironic since at one point her room was a mess! The strange thing about OCD is that the obsessions can change over time. In my daughter’s case, she has a need to clean her home a lot. Well, that is better than the opposite. The videos also made me want to clean and get rid of more stuff. I don’t have a whole lot, I really downsized a year ago due to financial reasons, but it feels good to clear out the mess and give to Goodwill.

This is a great site to visit to find out more information:


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