Tsum Tsum Mania! #100HappyDaysChallenge #10

tsum tsum pro pic 002

I am not a collector, never really have been. Quite the opposite, I have been trying to purge our home of unused “stuff”. It isn’t that cluttered, but there are a lot of things we really don’t need. However, there are certain adorable little stuffed animals/bean bags made by Disney known as Tsum Tsums, which my daughter loves to collect, and will definitely not part with. They are characters from various Disney movies, such as Cinderella, Big Hero Six and Little Mermaid. Disney also created Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tsum Tsums along with other classic Disney characters. My favorite has to be Winnie to Pooh; who wouldn’t love little innocent honey-eating Pooh? My daughter loves the Big Hero 6 collection, which is understandable, since we have the movie and have watched in numerous times (BayMax in his armor is adorable). Telling stories and making up adventures with the Tsum Tsums are a fun way for us to interact, and often she will open up to me if something is troubling her. As a mom and an adult, I worry that somewhere I have lost the ability to just imagine and “play”. I suppose that is part of growing up. Anyway, my daughter and I had quite the imaginative time of play the other day with her Tsum Tsum collection when I was sick and off of work. The Tsum Tsums fought crimes and went shopping in a little store she imagined. It turned out to be a very happy day, especially since I was feeling better by the end of the day. I remembered what it was like to just play! I think it should count as a “Happy Days Challenge” day.

P.S. The next Tsum Tsum series comes out in a few weeks, and although I really don’t want to add to our clutter, it is something my daughter loves to spend her money on. I guess I will have to de-clutter something else!


One thought on “Tsum Tsum Mania! #100HappyDaysChallenge #10

  1. Sweet story 🙂 I still have an ages old Snoopy and a bear I can’t possibly part with. I don’t know how old your daughter is. Expect I should read your about page 🙂

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