George Washington was here!


I am quite a history buff, so I couldn’t resist staying in Bedford, Pennsylvania on our last cross country drive to New York. I was telling my kids, “This town has historical significance”. Their reply, “Like what?”. Well for one thing, George Washington actually spent a great amount of time here. Something I can’t claim for any place in Oklahoma. According to, “A boastful claim made by quite a number of owners of venerable, old houses throughout the eastern seaboard is that the Father of Our Country, George Washington visited (and slept), if even for only a single night, in their house. Many of those claims can be verified and proven by available public records, but perhaps just as many are simply tall tales spun through the years by families who believed their importance to be just a little bit greater than their neighbors. For the record, George Washington did, in fact, sleep at Bedford”. Well, that got their attention!

According to, “Bedford, PA, was the location of Fort Bedford. Fort Bedford was built as one of the staging sites for the construction of Forbes’ Road during the French and Indian War. It was garrisoned by the British during that period and was “captured” by James Smith and his Black Boys in 1769, making it the first British fort to fall to American rebels. The structure was used as a place of refuge during the Revolution by the local settlers”.

The town itself is a treasure trove of buildings from the 1700  and 1800s. This is amazing to me, as Oklahoma, where we live, only has structures that date back to the early 1900’s. We took the morning to drive around the old town, and enjoy a walk by the river which ran through town. There are also a lot of shops and restaurants to visit. One place which I would highly recommend is Old Bedford Village, which is a historically accurate re-creation of a colonial village. It is amazing!



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