Tiny Homes in Tulsa!!!


The Savannah model. Image source Rustic River.com

The tiny home movement seems to have hit Tulsa! The homes I visited last week are constructed by the Rustic River company and I was curious to take a closer look. I had visited the site once before, but only one home was available for viewing at that time. Now they have five homes on site, and four are open to tour. There a a variety of models, but the square footage is less than 500 square feet, unless you add the porch and the loft. The homes are unfinished pine inside, which would need to be sealed or painted, since the pine seems to get dirty very easily, as was evidenced by the shoe marks on the loft stairs in the homes. The outside seems to be a plastic/fiberglass siding (I am unsure of the quality, although it seemed as though it would not last very long). The appliances are all included, as well as a heat and air unit. My favorite was the model with a master bedroom, a very small bedroom with bunk beds, a loft, a full bathroom, a living room and a screened-in porch. There was a breakfast bar, but no room for a table. It was my favorite since it actually had two bedrooms, plus the loft could be an extra sleeping space. The cost was about $65,000, which seems a bit pricey. It would also need to be shipped to a mobile home park on onto land.  I recommend shopping around and paying attention to the materials used for these tiny homes. If I am going to purchase one, I would plan on living in it long term, and need the materials to be durable.

Loft area. Rustic River.com image source

rustic river homes

Source Rustic River.com: the living area, very similar to the one I viewed, although it looks smaller in real life!


Got to love the screened in porch! Image source: Rustic River.com


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