Nurses: Twenty Ways to Have Fun at Work with Humor

Psych Circus

FireShot Capture - Patch Adams (film) - Wikipedi_ - https___en.wikipedia.org_wiki_Patch_Adams_(film)First off, the best ways to have fun at work are deeply individual: you can’t cookbook your way there, although some of these ideas might help you get the ball rolling. Humor is a mindset, an attitude, and a skill set that takes practice. You encounter countless inspirations for fun and funny ideas every hour of every day, but most people are blind to them: too busy, too serious, too distracted. Fun moments typically require extremely little time or energy: usually a few words or a few seconds. That paltry investment earns enormous payoffs:

  1. Improved attitude and mood, proven by much research to enhance energy, motivation, creativity, and problem-solving skills,
  2. Entertainment for others, quickly building rapport, liking, coöperation, and trust,
  3. Power: you teach yourself by experience that you can promptly improve any situation with humor,
  4. You can convert the vastly absurd and inefficient swamp that is health care from a…

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