On Homesickness

I remember those feelings of being on the road for more than a month. At one point our family had been away from home for more than 2 months on a work/vacation trip. We were staying in long term hotels, and tried to make it as homey as possible for the kids. They did enjoy seeing new things and meeting people but they sorely missed home. The longest we were ever gone was only 2.5 months, but that was long enough for the kids! I think it would have been different if we were to stay in a home setting while traveling but my ex-husband’s schedule was usually a few weeks at one place, then move to another. That was hard, but we really managed to see a lot of the U.S.

The Mucky Root

It comes in waves. Today is a bad day. We are seven months or so into our travelling adventure and I’m aware that each bad spell feels a little harder; each new start after visitors have left takes a little more energy. Poring over maps feels daunting rather than uplifting on days like these.

We’re in Istria still and have been here for around three weeks. After Rob’s parents left us near Trieste we had a couple of weeks to kill before our friends, the Parry family, were due to visit. Hanging around without a clear plan, with very little money for fun or luxury camping, kills momentum. We struggled, or rather I, struggled. The many frustrations of living a life within a few square metres were getting to me, along with grumpy children and nowhere to escape to. On a bad day the list goes on and on.


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