Artemis says, “Don’t mess with me!”

pics August 2015 002

Artemis says, “Don’t mess with me!”

This is Artemis, well Artemis the cat that is. Artemis was a stray cat who wandered into a feed store one day and was quickly adopted by the staff there. That was over 5 years ago, and she is now quite the celebrity. Most customers are familiar with her, as she frequently wanders over to say hello as you browse the shelves. Artemis now lives in the store full time, and is cared for by the staff. We always look for her when we stop there and give her a scratching behind the ears, which she loves. Her name comes with a bit of Greek history.
According to Greek, “Artemis was the goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the moon, and the natural environment. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of Apollo. She was born on the island of Ortygia (Delos), where Leto had found shelter after being hunted by the lawful wife of Zeus, Hera. As soon as Artemis was born, she helped her mother give birth to her twin brother, thereby becoming the protector of childbirth and labor. She asked her father to grant her eternal chastity and virginity, and never gave in to any potential lovers; devoted to hunting and nature, she rejected marriage and love. She was the protector of nature and the hunt; both wild and tame animals were under her protection. She also protected the agriculture and animal herding”.
That is quite the name to live up to, but Artemis the feed store cat does it pretty well! She stalks around the store, watching what the customers are up to, and when the day is done, she rests in one of many of her perches to await the store opening the next day.


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