How many #Books do you read in a Week? #amreading

Source: How many #Books do you read in a Week? #amreading

Lets see…I have three or four books going at a time. Some are reference/National Geographic type of books, a couple are novels, and right now I am also reading an autobiography. Most of the books I pick up can be read in short sessions. I love, just love anything related to travel!

The Hug Club Movement: Life Without Fear

During my daily rounds as a nurse at the hospital, I frequently give my patients hugs!  I know during nursing school, I was told that we should not get attached to our patients, but I can still care for them/about them, give them a hug if they need it, hold their hand, while maintaining a kind of mental separation after I leave for the day. As nurses we have to in order to stay sane!

Source: The Hug Club Movement: Life Without

Heaven Points

Funny story! I love the innocence of children!

Love, InshAllah

Zahra Noorbakhsh Zahra Noorbakhsh

In 1990, President De Klerk released Nelson Mandela from prison, the East German police dismantled the Berlin Wall, and, in a 10’ x 10’ makeshift classroom at the Ibn Sina Islamic Farsi immersion school in Sacramento, Khanoom Bahari, the religion teacher, liberated my soul from the threat of eternal hellfire with a cheat code for savab, or heaven points.

Khanoom Bahari had a ballerina’s posture and wore a permanent welcome-smile. She glided into the classroom to our metal fold out table, opened up our religion textbook, and, with her gentle voice, read aloud from the text describing charred skin, the screams of guilty souls, and the eternal damnation of hellfire.

As she ran down the list of sins, I searched my memory:

Lying – I lied to Dad almost every day, telling him that I’d done my prayers when really I’d been lying on my bed daydreaming.


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Common Chronic Illness Misconceptions.

As a sufferer with multiple abdominal and cardiac issues, I can relate! Fortunately, I am still able to work full time, but fighting my illnesses drain me and I am exhausted on my time off.

Indisposed and Undiagnosed

#1 Only the old get sick:
Illness does not discriminate.
We are fair game.

#2 Looks reflect feelings:
If you bumped into me in the street, you would not think that I was suffering.
I may appear to be okay, maybe a little tired, but on the inside my muscles are aching, my head is spinning, my stomach is churning.
What needs to be known is that I can leave my house looking decent, but feeling absolutely terrible.

#3 Stress reduction techniques cure illness (ie exercise, meditation, yoga):
When people hear that you are unwell, they assume that the things that usually provide average people with a better wellbeing, will help you. This includes Exercise, Meditation, Diet Change, Juice Cleanse & Detox, Yoga etc.
This is incorrect. I encourage the Chronically Ill to try these, as they may provide a temporary relief for symptoms, but they are not a cure!

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5 Secrets to Achieving and Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Great thoughts on maintaining balance. When I am done with work I try to shut off work and tune into my family.

Dream Big, Dream Often

IMG_7129Today’s topic has dealt with the importance of maintaining your personal relationships and being aware of life balance.  These 5 tips will give you an idea of the mindset you should have to develop a solid balance in your relationships!

We work, take care of kids, run errands, etc, and often times our love life takes the back seat.  Be very careful because one day you might wake up all alone.

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