Show me your Stethoscope!!


With all the coverage on social media about the comments expressed by the hosts of The View, I figured I would like to add my own comments. Yes, we nurses use stethoscopes, which are the same as the ones most physician’s use. We are trained to use them to heart sounds, lungs sounds, intestinal sounds, sounds that indicate a person is having trouble breathing or their bowels are obstructed. We can listen for problems with a person’s heartbeat, such as its rhythm and rate. We access a person multiple times a day with our stethoscope, more if we suspect something is amiss. We nurses are the ones who call the physician if we suspect something is wrong. We are the eyes and ears of the doctors. The physician may be in a patient’s room for 10 minutes a day, we are in there for 12 hours. I am proud of my “doctor’s stethoscope” and proud of my career as a nurse. By the outpouring on social media, I believe that rings true for most nurses out there! It is frustrating when comments are made by people in the media without a thought to how it affects how the public at large perceives the nursing profession. Hurray! to all the nurses out there who have made their opinions known!


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