Heart of the Rainforest

The rainforest is so magical, thank you for sharing.


“If I hear the word ‘activity’ one more time, I think I’m going to cry,” Kees said, speaking my mind perfectly.


Having risen that morning at 4a.m. for the first activity, we arrived back at the lodge at 10 am, given just a couple hours free time before lunch followed by our next activity, a three hour trek through the bushes, then an hour night walk activity after our 7pm dinner.


It was nice always having the trails completely to ourselves, the three of us slipping in the mud past monkey laden bushes and 500 year old Ironwood trees that reach way up into the sky. Vines wrapped like shackles around their branches keeping them from reaching the stars.

11990263_513939238768534_1528249045_o 11990906_513942268768231_45253169_o

Brazil nut trees are famously known for growing up to almost 40 metres (120ft), towering far above the rainforest canopies, dwarfing the rest of the trees. I was never a…

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