Would I dare wear a Hijab to work?


That is the question that I asked myself the other day, as I was doing my nursing rounds at a large hospital in mid-America. When the news came on showing the shooting in California, even before the news identified the perpetrators, the majority of my patients were quick to say that it had to be “those Muslims” again. I wanted to scream out and tell them that the real Islam condones violence, and that these “radicalized Muslims” do not in any way reflect a religion which promotes peace and understanding. UGH. I was wondering what would happen if I showed up at work one day wearing the traditional Muslim head covering for women. Would I be treated with hostility? It is quite possible. The majority of my patient population and a lot of the people I work with have expressed distrust of Muslims, a great deal of misunderstanding about the religion, and some have expressed outright hatred. In this land of acceptance of many religions, I hope that people would take the time to read the Quran (the Muslim holy book), and learn what Islam is really about. A majority of what people view as Islamic is actually part of a group of people’s culture/background, not the base of the religion itself.


5 thoughts on “Would I dare wear a Hijab to work?

  1. You’re very right! It’s imperative that Islam is confronted about the terrorist attacks the world has seen recently.

    Usually any objections to Islam are met with a sharp denial followed by a strong insistence that the terrorism is the abuse of Islam and misinterpretation of the Quoran that is the problem; which, I agree with you, is not the case.

    However, in confronting this world view, care is needed in communication. Speaking in hopeful terms, with integrity and understanding that the perpetrators are somewhat also victims of the belief system goes a longer way in the direction towards peace and attitude retreat than shaping grievances into insults or blunt talk(not saying you did that).

    • Thank you for your input! Muslims, especially the ones I have seen here in America, are as horrified by the attacks, just as the non-Muslims I have met. There have also been several prominent Muslim speakers who are attempting to address the issue, as for the proper way to Muslims to react. If you have time, please look into Nouman Ali Khan. He is a Muslim speaker and educator from Texas, and he really makes a lot of sense. It is through speakers like him that I have been able to understand the religion better. His You Tube videos on how Muslims should react to the shootings are very informative.

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