I Love Where I Live-Part III

These three women have very different experiences, where they grew up, and where they live now. However, they are all happy where they are. Great stories!

Marilyn R. Gardner

One of my friends from years ago—a friend who grew up in France and now lives in Canada—recently wrote on her facebook wall: I may not have gone where I intended to go…But I think I’ve ended up where I intended to be. I think that sums up Gloria’s, Sabine’s and Heather’s stories too. Each of these three women is exactly where they were meant to be!

Gloria P

I grew up in South Korea and moved to study in America at age 19 right after high school graduation. I’ve lived in Riverside, CA and Tucson, AZ.

Right now I live in Manhattan, KS with two beautiful girls, a somewhat boring but loving husband and a little Doxin boy, Boots.

  1. I love tranquility and small town feeling in Manhattan.
  2. I’d say it’s pretty safe here to raise kids and family.
  3. I love what K State offer for people here…

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