Saint Louis is a favorite stop of our family’s on our drive from Oklahoma to New York. It is about 4.5 hours from the Oklahoma eastern border. We usually stop for an early dinner or a late lunch. There are several restaurants in the riverfront district to choose from. We were boring and just ate at Subway, but everyone got what they liked! 🙂  The St. Louis Arch on the riverfront is a must see, especially the free Louis and Clark museum under the base of the arch. According to, “The structure was built as a monument to the vision of Thomas Jefferson and St. Louis’ role in the westward expansion of the United States.”  The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial includes the arch, the museum and the park surrounding the arch. It was named after President Thomas Jefferson who was involved in the Louisiana Purchase and was instrumental in sending Lewis and Clark on their expedition to explore the American West. The museum, which is based on the diaries of Lewis and Clark, has a lot of information to read at each display, so I would plan on spending a couple hours if you have time to really get an understanding of Lewis and Clark’s journey. Park rangers are available to give informative lectures about the different displays. The gift shop is large and has a lot of educational gifts to purchase. A candy/old time type general store offers candies and replicas of toys from the early days of America. There is a ride to the top of the arch, which takes you on a ride inside egg shaped capsules to the inside of the top of the arch. The view from the top is magnificent, but I would not go to the top in the middle of summer as we did, as the temperature in the small observation room and in the capsules was close to unbearable. I guess it is hard to pump air conditioning all the way to the top of the arch!


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