Emerald Rice: Zamarod Palow

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My Kabul Kitchen

Zamarod Palow is one of many Afghan rice dishes, all of which are cooked in a meat or vegetable broth. It literally means “Emerald Rice” reflecting its beautiful green color, but since Afghans have two rice dishes that have a green color (the other is flavored with Dill) this is easier for me to remember as “Spinach Rice.” Basically it is a Palow made with a blended spinach and lamb broth which is mixed into the rice. And no, this is not a tricky way of making kids eat their greens, in fact Zamarod Palow is a special Afghan rice dish usually made for occasions such as weddings and holidays. The earthy flavors of the spinach paired with the rich succulent lamb all topped with tart dried barberries make for a splendid Palow perfect for any holiday spread.

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Zamarod (Emerald) Palow

-4 cups rice (Soaked three hours in advance)


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