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The history of tea goes back thousands of years ago to ancient China. Legend says that in 2737 BC, the Emperor Shen Nong was boiling water to drink when the leaves of a tea plant fell into his pot, making the first cup of tea. This is only legend, of course, but the discovery that tea that could be used for medicinal purposes and as a drink does have its roots in Ancient China. Nowadays, there are a large variety of teas to choose from. This weekend, I discovered a new tea store in our local mall, called Teavana. Oh my goodness! What variety, and lots and lots of samples. How can you go wrong? Some samples were fruity, some were hot and some iced. I liked most of the samples, although the one made of jasmine flowers and white tea made my mouth feel like I just sprayed perfume on my tongue. I fell in love with a green tea that was infused with raspberry, lemon and other fruits. I got it iced. It was almost like a fruit juice, but much smoother. The store also has beautiful tea sets and supplies for making tea. It is a bit pricey, about $5.00 for one iced tea, but it is a treat. They can make any combination you choose and will work with you to be sure you have one you enjoy.



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My Unpopular Opinion Related to Valentine’s Day

I like your thoughts! Checklists are just silly. As for Valentines Day and being single, Valentines Day can also be a day to remind yourself of how much you are blessed with family and friends! If you are feeling sorry for yourself, go out and do something nice for someone, that will take the emphasis off yourself and maybe make someone’s day…just saying.

A New Life Wandering

Confession: I don’t like Valentine’s Day, I think it’s stupid. And this is coming from someone who has a chocolate addiction, loves flowers and is in a relationship.

Exactly one year ago, in honor of Valentine’s Day and my disdain towards the holiday, I wrote about my opinion on relationship/dating checklists and today I feel the same way about them so I will share it again (with a few edits and additions).

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Mexican Food Name Winners – Knowing a Tortilla from a Tamale

I am getting hungry!

Travel Tales of Life

The Mexican Food Name game proved once again either my readers are starving or I should throw photos of food in posts more often. There has not been so much action since the mobs were stampeding over us in Pompeii. Thank you for the great response to the matching game of Mexican culinary delights.

However I refuse to start a food blog. Just saying.

Below you will find the same photos with the name of the dish below. Grab your napkins you salivating bunch and see how you did. The winners are listed following the photos.

Mexican Food Photos

Mexican Food 1#1 Tacos Dorados con Papa

Mexican Food #2#2 Ribeye Maitre d’ Hotel

Mexican Food #3#3 Tostadas de Birria

Mexican Food #4#4 Camarones Coco con Tequila

Mexican Food #5#5 Tostadas de ceviche Colima

Mexican Food #6#6 Robalo al Mango

Mexican Food #7#7 Tostadas de Costilla de Cerdo en Sals Rojo

Mexican food #8#8 Mole poblano

Mexican Food #9#9 Chicharron (You can never have too much deep fried…

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SHOW RESPECT for the hurting!

Culture Monk

The New Media

by Kenneth Justice

~ This morning on CNN friends of the North Carolina shooting victims were interviewed and I was moved to tears. These two young women only days ago woke up to find that their loved ones were dead; and now CNN is using them as “good footage” since they are really broken up over the deaths, and have barely begun the grieving process.

Is it too much for me to suggest we need a new policy in NEWS media; leave people alone who are grieving and hurting?

I suppose the counterargument is that these people could turn down the interview; but having grieved the deaths of loved ones before, I know from firsthand experience that you are often not thinking entirely straight in the midst of tragedy.

The NEWS Media is capitalizing off of the tears of the hurting. The NEWS media is capitalizing off of death…

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Extinct is Forever: Why We Need to Save #JustOneRhino

I wanted to share this important post. Thank you for your informative article. Here in the Oklahoma we have a large bison herd which is protected in a large preserved area of grasslands. The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to increase the almost extinct bison population has been very successful. I realize it is a very different situation in Africa. Thank you for your efforts to increase awareness.

The Windy High Plains of Oklahoma

Buffalo grazing near the road.

There is something so peaceful about being in a place where the only thing that breaks the silence is the lowing of the buffalo and the sighing of the wind……(and of course the kids laughter!). We traveled to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma last weekend. It was visually very different from our last visit in the early summer, since this time the grasses were brown and the air was very dry.  The buffalo were much easier to spot this time. The winter in the high plains has a beauty all its own.

This statue welcomed us to the visitor center.

This statue welcomed us to the visitor center.

Local animals in residence!

Local animals in residence!

It is not hard to image large herds of buffalo roaming the grasslands.

It is not hard to image large herds of buffalo roaming the grasslands.

These guys got very close to our car.

These guys got very close to our car.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale (I)

That is th!e most adorable little guy!

Uncle Spike's Adventures

This week’s first entry from me for the Weekly Photo Challenge really shows scale indeed, just look at this baby tortoise we found wandering across our farmyard! We have many many wild tortoises here in southwest Türkiye, but this is the smallest we’ve come across I think to date.

Used this image before on my blog, but he’s so darned cute, don’t you think? Anyway, hope you enjoy this entry.





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